Meet Matt

The top of my desk has always been an adventure.  However, as chaotic as it may appear, I still know where everything is located.  Looking for that PO for Ecohaus?  It’s just to the left of the hula girl and to the right of the “Hit the Spot” game from my childhood days.

Well, there’s a new addition: Matt the Beta fish.  I’ve always liked fish as pets.  Quiet, no barking or meowing.  They don’t shed.  Change their water every couple of years and they’re just fine.  They’re also soothing to watch and this stress-filled world, soothing is always a good thing.

I went to Petco to pick out the newest addition to my desk and I was tempted to just get a glass bowl and one of those 13-cent goldfish and called it a day.  But I’ve never owned a beta fish and thought it would be fun.  At the same time, a copywriter at work announced his resignation, so I thought it only fitting to honor him by naming the new fish after him.  That is an honor, right?

If you don’t have a chance to swing by my desk, here’s a photo.

The Matt that isn't leaving

If he does anything spectacular, I’ll let you know.  Just wanted you to meet the newest member of the asylum.

Tim Hunter

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