What’s Your Life Question?

Every now and then, one of these crazy philosophies about life pop up in my head. Usually, they result from noticing one of the real truths of my day-to-day existence. They’re out there for everyone to notice, but for whatever reason, I just seemed programmed to notice them.
I believe everyone carries a “life question” around with them throughout their journey.  It’s  a question you find asking yourself, often silently, on a regular basis. As we move through life, that question constantly changes. Lately, I have found myself asking the question, “How the &*@% did I get here?” When life takes off and I get up at 4am only to come home for the last time at 10pm and then do it all over the next day…I can’t help but ask, “How the &*@% did I get here?”
We’d all like to have complete control over our lives, but most of us would be thrilled with even just partial. My old radio pal Larry Nelson used to love saying, “If you want to make God laugh, just tell him the plans you have for your life.”  Yet, in spite of knowing things get out of control, I still never cease to be amazed at the situations I find myself in.
Your life question will emerge out the experiences you find yourself in on a regular basis. The question should appear all by itself, as you go through your day to day routine. Maybe it’s “Why are all the crazy drivers after me?” or “When will I learn to say no?”
It’s there. Just listen for it.  I’d love to hear your question.

Tim Hunter

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