I’m Getting Burned Out On Critics

I started out the week reading a critic’s take on the season finale’ of “Desperate Housewives”.  While he made some good points, the bottom line was that he was telling readers how disappointing it was.

Funny, I really enjoyed it.  I guess I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to like it until the critic told me.

Same held true for the “Iron Man 2” movie.  Sure, there were flaws and uneven moments. But I went to see a great cast having fun making a movie with action, special effects, etc…and I got my $7.50 worth (I buy the bulk movie tickets at Costco and make a killing every time we go)

So first, “Iron Man 2”, then “Desperate Housewives” and I start thinking that part of the greater picture of what’s wrong with America these days is that we’re constantly looking for the bad in things—everything!  We don’t want to know the good, we don’t watch shows that give us the positive side of things.  The networks have experimented with the concept, but negative gets ratings. Who’s been cheating on who?  What famous person has been diagnosed with something terminal?  Where did Lindsay Lohan break down this week?

When I did the morning radio thing, I guess I trained myself to fight off negative things as much as humanly possible.  Everyone has bad days, things go wrong, but if you focus on that and expect that, it just keeps happening.  Imperfection is part of our world, get used to it.  In fact, it’s the imperfections and problems of the world that I write jokes about every morning.

But that’s the key.  It’s being able to laugh at things that should depress us.  It may be a form of denial, but I’ve got to think it’s better for our bodies than constant worry and stress about how things are going.

Between movie and TV critics and even occasionally co-workers who are focused on what is wrong and what won’t work rather than what is right, it wears on you.  But if even just one person reads this and makes an effort to try to keep things a little more positive in their world, we’ll be making progress.

So, for today, make a conscious effort to try and spin a negative thing into a positive.  Then, another….and another.  You just might be amazed at what happens and how much better you feel.  Of course, most critics feel this approach will be futile and lead to the collapse of the free world, but what do they know?

There’s a lot of good stuff in this world. Enjoy it, would ya?

Tim Hunter

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