You need more Rain in your life

I had heard of them or it or however you say it. They were a Beatles tribute band. Fine, someone’s going to do it. But they’re not the REAL Beatles, so why would someone cough up $50 or more to sit around and watch a bunch of guys pretending they’re the”Fab Four”.
We went to the concert Friday night, knowing it would be fun, but not overly excited. But this isn’t just four guys pretending, this is a show, complete with screens on each side of the stage, vintage TV commercials and close-enough-to-evoke-the-memory performances that make you feel like “this is what it would have been like in the early years—just four guys and a stage”.
“Rain” (named for the single that appeared on the flip side of the 45, “Paperback Writer”) is a must-see. Anyone over 50 will be reminded about those amazing years and that, even if you haven’t been listening to those songs recently, the words are deeply embedded in our brains.
Here’s just one of the clips I found of the group on YouTube. Click here
This is their website. If you ever have the chance, take yourself back to a very special time, even just for a couple of hours.
Growing up in the old neighborhood, I remember how Kenny Vaughn’s mom liked the Beatles and that was so cool. She made sure she went and saw “Yellow Submarine” and “Help!” the day they arrived in theaters.
There were Beatles lunch boxes, even a Beatles cartoon on TV for a while.
For just one night, the crowd at the Paramount all got to go back to just the fun and pleasant memories of that era. We each got to reflect on our own “Wonder Years”, although there were lots of people in the crowd that hadn’t even been born yet.
So if you EVER have the chance to catch “Rain”, treat yourself to an amazing night. Who knows? You might even bump into Kenny Vaughn’s mom.

Tim Hunter

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