It had been a long week.  Long, 18 hour days, very little sleep, projects at work that went out of control…

So, by Friday afternoon at 6, I was pretty crispy.  Victoria and I had driven downtown to meet friends for a pre-concert dinner.  We were capping off our Friday by seeing “Rain” at the Paramount (which I’ll be blogging about next).  Downtown being downtown, I dropped her off at the restaurant we were meeting, then headed over to the parking lot we usually put the car during concerts.

On the way down, my wife & I were discussing the Arizona situation, a new racial situation that was erupting in Seattle and how wrong it is to judge someone based on their appearance.  I reached the parking lot, got out of the car and a friendly guy came up and said “How you’d doing?  That’ll be $10.”

You probably see where thi s was going.

He was no different than any other parking lot attendant I’ve seen over the years.  After our discussion, I was not going to judge him based on appearance.  He told me the machine was broke, so he was taking care of it and it would be $10.  I forked over the money, he gave me a receipt and instructed me to put it in the dashboard.    That’s when the questions came up:  the sign said $12, the receipt said $5 and I gave him $10.  As he approached another car as it parked, I called the phone number on the parking lot.  The company instructed me to calll 911.  While I reported the activity, the “attendant” walked away…..past the bus station and off into the downtown landscape.

The police asked if I wanted to stick around and wait for them to show up.  By this time, my wife and friends had called wondering where I was.  I told the police, “I guess not”.  I then went to the machine, bought a real ticket, put it in the dashboard and then resumed my relaxing evening.

In a really ticked off mood.

I’ve justified the event as a pretty cheap life lesson and hope you use my tuition to avoid it happening to you.  Next time you think that might be happening, go try out the machine and tell the guy you’ve been swindled once before.  That’s what I’m going to be doing.

Tim Hunter

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