This Whole Arizona Thing

New Arizona State Seal

I don’t live in Arizona, for lots of reasons.
Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love a good, sunny day in the 70s or 80s. It’s the over-abundance of those days in the 90s and 100s that I can do without.
But I digress…and quite well.
This whole ordeal about the immigration law they passed. I can honestly say I don’t get it, although I can understand it. But if you remove the “Illegal Alien” part and just say that from now on, we’re going to be able to ask people who wear jeans, at any time, for an ID card, you’d say, “Hey, wait a minute!”
Hispanics make up 40% of the population in Arizona. 60% (a majority, but that not that big of one) has decided it’s OK to ask people wearing jeans if they bought those jeans. So, you’ll need to keep the receipt with you at all times, just in case we ask.
This way, we’ll be able to catch those who stole their jeans and didn’t pay for them. Well, they may have received them as a gift or bought them at a used clothing store and then tossed the receipt….but, by God, we’ll catch the bad ones!
I do completely support the right of a state to make stupid laws. I don’t live there, so it doesn’t impact me. And maybe there’s something about those 100-degree days that drives you to think something like this is OK.
If I were a well-to-do Hispanic person living in Arizona, I would encourage others of my stature to never carry ID. Please, pull me over, take me in for questioning, use up police and legal resources on me until I could sue you, take this all the way to the highest court of the land and let them settle it, once and for all.
Groups are calling for a boycott of all things Arizona. Arizona residents plan to retaliate by boycotting all things Hispanic (not eating at Mexican restaurants, etc) There’s a push to move this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star game, which is scheduled to be in Arizona. What a friggin’ mess!
Throughout the U.S., Americans are testy because of our poor economy. They’re looking for someone to blame. I’m pretty sure the people that came here looking for a better life are not the ones that gave us this mess. I think those guys were on TV this past week wearing suits and defending themselves against congress.
Last I heard, crime was still illegal. If someone breaks the law, they should be fully prosecuted. If they broke the law and they’re here illegally, they should serve time then be deported.
This new law might help clear out the Home Depot parking lots in Arizona, but I think that it’s real purpose is to bring the immigration issue to the front burner again.
And THAT it’s doing quite nicely.

Tim Hunter

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