The Lottery

So, I bought more tickets to the lottery again.
Every time I think, “Boy, it would be nice to just get up in the morning and do what I want”, I stop by and buy a Powerball or Mega Millions ticket and hope for the best.
I know the odds are ridiculous. But, every vacation that rolls along I consider training for when I DO win.
I mean, someone’s gotta win, right? Oh, sure, it’s usually the 79-year-old farmer from Iowa who has three months to live with the relatives are already fighting over the money.
I just know that if I were to ever win a lottery, I’ve got it all planned. I’ll continue to work..until the first day the coffee is luke warm or we’re out of paperclips. Then, I’ll announce my resignation and make a movie from one of the scripts I’ve written that’s ready to go.
After all, it’s fun to dream. And, as a reader of this blog, you would be entitled to your fair share. $2, in my mind, is fair, because after all, it’s my money.
And money wouldn’t change me. I would ask that my personal lawn mowing manager’s assistant makes absolutely sure that doesn’t happen, especially with my personal masseuse around.
You know, as I go back and read what I would do when I win, it becomes extremely clear why it probably won’t happen.
Guess I’ll have to let my lawn mowing manager go. After he mows the lawn this week.

I’ll check the tickets tomorrow and let you know…

Tim Hunter

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