A Bunny Tale

It’s Easter weekend, when the Easter Bunny is the hero, bringing children around the world everything a dentist could hope for!
Rabbits have always somehow played an important part of my life. I remember way back when I was 5 or so, someone–I want to say it was my Uncle Chuck–gave me a rabbit’s foot, because it was supposed to bring me good luck.
Several years later, my folks let us get a white rabbit which we named “Peter”. Not original, but fitting. It was then I learned about rabbit hutches, having to feed a pet, how rabbit droppings make great flower food and how cute those darn creatures can be. I can easily think of myself lying down on the lawn next to him as he feasted on the grass. That cute, twitching nose.
I know rabbits done live very long, but ours made it a couple of years at least, growing to be fat and happy. That is, until George the dog showed up. Of course, George thought it would be fun to chase Peter, which became too much for him. I’m pretty sure he died of a heart attack shortly after that run around the yard.
Then, when my kids hit a certain age, I wanted them to share in the joy of a pet rabbit, so we bought a cage and a cute little baby bunny, which we brought home. It remained cute and cuddly for a couple of weeks, until we returned home one day to a motionless rabbit. We determined later that it just needed to hop alot and in the confines of the cage, it had hopped up into the roof of the cage and broken its neck.
Several years later when the kids were older, we were driving out by Woodinville when I saw a sign that said “Bunnies $3”.
The next thing you know, we were heading back home with the newest addition of the family. A brown rabbit that ate…and ate…and ate. He soon lost fans at home when he would mow down plants that had barely surfaced. I don’t remember how long he lasted, but I do remember him pretty much being my responsibility. Were the kids into him? You tell me. For as long as we owned him, I don’t believe we ever came up with more of a name for him beyond “Bunny”. He eventually died as well.
With my luck with rabbits, it’s not surprising that I’ve never actually seen the Easter Bunny. He’s probably afraid to come near me…..

Happy Easter!

Tim Hunter

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