April Fool’s Day 2

A little bit more on the subject. A buddy of mine, Dale Amundsen, runs the Bothell Funeral Home and sent me this note:

Hey Tim,

This is an old one, but just in case you hadn’t heard it, each April 1st we get a truckload of calls into the funeral home asking for Myra Mains.

Practical jokesters throughout the area are leaving phone message slips for their bosses and coworkers telling them to call our phone number (they’re never told what the nature of our business is) and ask for Myra Mains. Other names asked for include Paul Bear and Doug Graves. We actually enjoy telling people that they’ve fallen victim to an April Fool’s joke, and we’re quick to tell them that it wasn’t us (they should start pointing the finger of blame somewhere within their office)!

I think we’ve received six such calls just this morning.

Thought you’d enjoy that. Thanks Dale!

Tim Hunter

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