My Day at Disneyland

I’m never surprised by things I see in Disneyland. Lots of Oregon Ducks down there. Stood in line in front of a guy who I think is the head football coach. Lots of “Go Hawks” comments on my t-shirt. The fireworks show is absolutely incredible. It’s a parade of Disney flashbacks, narrated by Julie Andrews. But we could not believe the cute little blonde girl who was in line at the Nemo ride, and couldn’t find her parents. The Disney folks were notified, they asked where her parents were and she pointed to the line for the ride. She had been with the lady who found her for HALF AN HOUR before they walked through the line and found her mother. When she was returned, this “mother” just laughed it off. How could you NOT know that your 3-year-old daughter was missing for half an hour? We require licenses for boats, for cars, for driving cars, for dogs and cats…..but ANYONE can become a parent!

Gotta have a frozen strawberry lemonade in the Magic Kingdom

Tim Hunter

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