Boston IS Far Away, But…

Baseball, before it evolved

So, as another baseball season approaches (and I can’t wait), I plan to jump in with both feet again, hoping for the best–that maybe THIS will be the year for the Seattle Mariners–but with the Boston Red Sox firmly planted in my hip pocket.
Being raised a Los Angeles Dodger, I still have a little Dodger Blue in my veins, even though the team is a far cry from those days of Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale and the gang. If the two afore-mentioned teams were not in the playoffs and the Dodgers were, I think I would shift my loyalty for a series or two.
But getting back to my back pocket Bosox….why Boston? Well, for those who don’t know, my son attended and graduated Boston University, and because of getting to know that awesome city, taking in two games at Fenway, etc., it’s about as pure a baseball town as you can get. Secondly, have you looked at their lineup going into this season? They’re looking like the sister team of the Seattle Mariners: Jason Varitek, Mike Cameron, Adrian Beltre…and, as my baseball buddy Thomas likes to point out, David Ortiz, who was once in the Mariner farm system.
So, March Madness, I’m ready…but just the other side of that is the beginning of the baseball season, for which I am equally ready. Go Mariners, then Red Sox, then Dodgers. And with three teams, the odds of one of them going all the way are just that much better.

Tim Hunter

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