There’s a lot of things I can’t remember these days, the least of which: the last time I actually paid attention to the Olympics.
Oh, I’ve known they took place, but that was about it. Headline summaries and medal-winning athletes on the talk shows were my major connection to the games.
But for whatever reason, this time around, both my wife Victoria and I actually would sit down and watch certain events.
The key: our DVR.
Since NBC is taping them for us anyway, I know I’m not watching anything live (funny how it’s sunny at 9pm at night in the winter) so while we may be a day behind and even may know who won, we know which athletes to watch for. That allows us just to watch the deserving performances, rather than investing time on the also-rans.
OK, so I didn’t get to see the Swaziland luge team place 42nd, but I can live with myself.
When I think about it, I probably fast-forwarded through more Olympics than I actually watched.
But the way I prefer to think about it: we were able to enjoy the fillet cut of a great events.
I just may have to tune in again in a couple of years….

Tim Hunter

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