It Happens Slowly…..

When Email Attacks

You visit a website, you think, “Yeah, it would be OK if you start sending me e-mails about stuff” and next thing you know, you’re being barraged by junk e-mails that make you feel like an E-Fred Sanford.
So, this past week, I started looking more carefully at every piece of junk e-mail that I get…and if there’s one of those handy “unsubscribe” things at the bottom, I clicked on it and followed it all the way to the end.
I’ll bet I’ve unsubscribed to at least 20 different e-subscriptions…which means that now, I’m getting 20 less pieces of email I have to delete or have filling up my junk email pile.
By the way, to those who wrote to me back in January and are still waiting for a response, I’m almost to your email.
Thanks for your patience.

Tim Hunter

PS–By the way, Bing’d “e-mail” and got 1.64-billion results….while “email” only served up 600,000.   A co-worker says I should drop the hyphen because it’s “old school”.  Obviously, we attend a very large school together.

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