If I Were King….

I would create some kind of outlet for people when there’s a very high moron count out on the roads.
I am far from a lead-foot. But when the only reason you’re going 36 mph on the freeway is because the moron in front of the moron is also going 36, you should be able to drive by both of them…roll your window down….and shoot a squirt gun filled with “Moron Maroon” paint that warns others to stay away from them.
Oh, the paint disappears after 20 minutes. Nothing permanent. It would just be great to let the rest of the world know that these people should not be allowed to drive.
A bit drastic?
Look, that’s quite an improvement from my first concept, which involved a giant flaming creature from hell flying by and taking them away, clutched in it’s claws.

Oh, sure, kinda like that....but much bigger!

I’m making progress.

Tim Hunter

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