The Closest I’ll Ever Get to Being An Olympic Athlete

Dan hands off the Olympic torch, along with the customary "High Five"

There I am! Holding on to an actual Olympic torch.
While this picture was taken at our company bowling tournament this past Monday, there’s a reason for why we had an Olympic torch there.
My boss (the one in the Olympic jump suit) had the honor of being able to run with the torch for half a mile in the Canadian town of Langley. One of our bigger clients up in Canada is a sponsor of the upcoming games and that opened the door for Dan (the boss) to grab the torch and run.
Back at the office, we all watched on streaming video as he took the torch and kept it moving along its path. Pretty exciting stuff when you know someone actually doing it.
I’m sure Dan will find a nice place to display his torch at home, but I’m still hoping to talk him into bringing it to the company picnic this summer, to officially light our barbecues.

Tim Hunter

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