Today’s Life Lesson: Gift Cards

So, we popped over to the mall today and Victoria tried to pay for things with one of the gift cards she got for Christmas. That’s when we heard, “Oh, I’m sorry, this card was never activated.”
While she tried to find out what happened, the Nordstrom clerk said, “This is why you should never buy gift cards at grocery stores.” (a practice we’re all developing) Or, at least when you do, when you buy it, carefully go over the receipt to make sure it was activated.
She’ll still get to spend it…eventually…after presenting the gift receipt….which we had to get from the relative…and that’s assuming all goes well when that happens. It added 15 minutes to the transaction today.
Not a whine or a complaint, just an observation.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “Today’s Life Lesson: Gift Cards

  1. Working in a grocery store we have all kinds of problems with those gift cards.. even though we sell them we can’t really do anything with it if someone doesn’t want it .. its out of our hands


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