There was a time….

When Christmas looked so big.
When you wore pajamas with footies on ’em and played Mousetrap and got a Superball in your stocking. I vaguely remember huge parties that the union threw for United Airlines employees and every child that came to the party got a wrapped present handed to him by Santa himself.
There were home movie being taken with an 8m camera, that clicked away as the attached light bar blinded us. (My sister Debbie insists that’s why all of us needed to get glasses). There was the race track year, when I got that figure 8 race car set. Before that, Santa gave me a train set with a track mounted to a giant sheet of plywood that was painted green, with a painted blue lake on it.
There were Creepy Crawlers you made with Plastigoop. The Operation” game. Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots.
Back then, we were too young to want everything. It was always just a couple of incredibly important, gotta-have-them-or-I’ll-die gifts that looked SO COOL in the TV commercials.
Growing up in the 60s, we saw Tiparillo cigar commercials on the television, along with ads for “the Polaroid Swinger”.
Probably the only way TV affected me was showing me how beautiful Barbie was, making me want to be just like Ken. That is, until one day, when my sisters were changing the clothes on Ken and I saw him without pants.
If that’s what you had to do to be with Barbie, I think I’ll pass.

Here’s one of those memories from long ago.  Enjoy

Have a merry one…..

Tim Hunter

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