It Gets Me Every Time

So, what is your favorite Christmas song? The one that you can’t hear enough?
I have a range of them–the Chipmunks’ “Christmas don’t be late” brings back childhood memories of listening to that on a record player at my grandmother’s house. “Stop the Cavalry” isn’t really a Christmas song, but somehow became one. That takes me back to working with Larry Nelson at KOMO back in the early 80s. I know dad’s favorite is “Silver Bells” or at least, I remember him telling me that at one point in my life.
But the song “Silent Night” is the one that gets me every time. It happened again just this past Sunday at the Norwegian Ladies Chorus’ annual Christmas concert. The haunting melody takes me back to Immanuel Lutheran Church in Redondo Beach, California….being in elementary school…hoping that Santa brought me a “Sting Ray” bike or an electronic football game that vibrated to make the players go and took longer to set up than to enjoy playing.
Christmas is a reminder of a major event in this planet’s history…but it also is a reminder of the gifts we already have that surround us. Family, friends, laughter and health. You have all those and you truly are the richest person in town.

Merry Christmas to all….
Tim Hunter

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