When I first began this blog site, I did it knowing that it would eventually become “one more thing to do”. After all, I had started a Podcast and produced a new weekly episode 9 weeks in a row when I met my now-wife Victoria. Suddenly, there was a priority shift.
Thinking about it, I’ll probably never have enough time to do or write or produce all the things I’ve got on my list.
I’ve already got so many outlets through my daily routine—getting up at 4am to contribute to Radio-Online’s “Daily Show Prep”, contributing to the Jay Leno Show monologue, writing, producing and doing other things each day at Destination Marketing, whipping out a Tweet every now and then on “Twitter” and producing videos when I have the time.
It’s funny, because when I see how many folks visit this blog site, I feel like I should give it more attention…but then I watch what’s going on with the Wacky Week site and then I feel I should spend more time on that or any of the other 6 sites I manage or contribute to….
However, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that my frustration is deeply rooted in one simple phenomenon: over-committment.
There. That being sold, I think I’ll sign up for something else to do.

Tim Hunter


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