Friends ARE Friends Forever

This past Tuesday night, 30+ people gathered at the Factoria Keg restaurant, filled a back room and remembered their special days together at a radio station called KLSY.
Back in 1984, when KOMO radio threw me a surprise going-away party (it was a surprise that I was going away) I found myself unemployed, with a kid on the way and wondering what was next.
After two months of searching, hoping, looking, talking and interviewing, I landed a part-time job at “Classy”. The station was located in old Bellevue on Main Street, in the Main Place Shopping center. (they weren’t too creative when it came to names)
I started as a copywriter and production assistant. In time, I was offered a weekend shift, followed by an afternoon shift with Alice Porter and then, a move to the sleep-deprived morning drive shift.
I spent 19 years attached to those call letters, with only Bruce Murdock ahead of me in tenure.
Tuesday night, I saw friends from those early days, from the middle years and some folks from the final gasps of the station. It was an amazing collection.
Scott Paine, former Sandusky Broadcasting Seattle Marketing Director, and I put this thing together after talking about it for months. It’s not going to be an annual thing, but the next time it feels like it’s been too long, we’ll put out the call.
This particular evening was made up of a former sales manager, the current Mr. KLSY–whoops, I mean ‘Movin’ 92.5′–sales people, support staff, part-timers, full-timers, on-air, interns, you name it. If you didn’t know someone when you arrived, you had a chance to talk and meet them before the night was over.
I had also rounded up some of the out-of-towners who couldn’t be there, from Barry McKay and Bobby Irwin, to Darla Thomas and Wingy-Dingy, MacLaine, Shiers, Bill Lewis and more, including Delilah Rene. Hey, if I left you out, we were having that problem all night long. We didn’t want to bring up some of the people and forget others.
As I grow older (yeah, I admit it) I realize more and more how those years were the prime time of my radio career. I really did have fun. It showed me that you could be in an extremely competitive and still have fun. I will take those basics with me the rest of my life.
To everyone that attended, thank you so much.
To those who wanted to come and couldn’t, you missed one hell of a great time.
If you have Facebook and want to see the pictures, click on this

See you at the next one, whenever it is.


No, this is NOT a "Before & After" picture. That's me along with Scott Paine, better known as "The Reunion Organizers"

Tim Hunter

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