So wee’re on our way back….

…from the Ronald Reagan Museum which we plowed through in 3 hours. Great stuff, the original Air Force One 707 which you can walk through, kept like it was when he used it. Tons of memorabilia from him, times long ago, etc.
On the way back, we were hungry. So we took an exit and wandered off and found a place called “Fins”. It had the appearance of an upscale Irish place–green, dark woods, etc– but it turned out to be a restaurant that specialized in Seafood dishes and they were celebrating their 20th anniversary.
What that turned out to mean was they had rolled back prices to their opening day levels which was a good thing, because their “bargain” price was on my chart for a medium-priced restaurant.
But as we found out, it was WELL worth it. We ordered calamari along with some crab-topped potato skins. Then, my mom ordered the clam chowder, my sister Debbie and I got the lobster bisque.
Everything was at the amazing level or higher. Can’t say enough about the place except it must have been destiny that led us there.
You’ll find ’em at so the next time you’re lost and hungry in So Cal, I would highly recommend a jaunt over to Fins. Hopefully before those 20th anniversary prices go away..

Tim Hunter

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