Could have seen that coming

So, we went to a swank open house at a friend’s house in downtown Seattle, where the condo’s start at $1.3-million for an 800 square foot view. We’re heading towards an upscale crowd of the “in-people” and as the security person escorted us to the elevator, another guest got in…also wanting the 18th floor, she was obviously on the way to the same party.
I introduce myself and my wife, Victoria, we shook hands and no sooner had she shaken our hands than she let out with a huge hacking, sickly, diseased coughing spell. I mean, I’m thinking bubonic plague. We got to the floor and search for restrooms to wash our hands but came up empty. We ended up getting hors d’eurves and Victoria was using her napkin to handle all of her food. Eventually, we found some hand sanitizer on the bar and we both practically bathed in it.
At least now if we get sick, we’ll know who to blame.

Tim Hunter

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