Bikes on the Road

I’m going to start this by saying that I wish I had the energy to ride my bike all over town. To cyclists everywhere in this hilly Puget Sound area, kudos.
But while all of the bike people I know personally are awesome folks, there is an arrogant breed of peddler that gives cycling a bad name. You know the ones–they expect YOU to do everything and they peddle as if they’re the entitled ones. It’s YOUR job to watch out for them, not the other way around.
OK, let’s go with what we agree on: it IS a public road and we both paid taxes to build it. So, we both have the right to use the roads. However, the roads come with rules and just because you’re on a bike, if you run a red light or cut in front of a driver expecting them to stop, there are laws that apply.
Bicyclists are always saying they should be treated just like cars. Over the someone, I heard someone make a very good point. If that’s true, then we should be equal in all ways. As in licenses and mandatory insurance. Otherwise, bicyclists are using the road as a privileged group.
It just makes sense to me that if you want me to treat you as an equal, then by gosh, let’s make it equal.

There's room on the road for both of us (as long as there's no on-coming traffic)

There's room on the road for both of us (as long as there's no on-coming traffic)

My two cents.

Tim Hunter

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