An Update on Me

So, slowly but surely, my left eye is healing. I’m still doing eyedrops four times a day. At times, the band they left around the eyeball irritates enough that I have to take some Tylenol (use only as directed) and the gas bubble they put inside the eyeball to help press against the retina is slowly dissipating. Right now, I’m down to just a little bit of gas left and if you ask my wife, any time I’m down to just a little bit of gas, it’s a good day.
I actually have a bubble floating around in the left eye now, which I keep covered with a patch in public, The surface of the eyelid is still a bit bruised, but the eye itself is still very red. I tell people it looks as though I lost my soul. Anyway, for that reason, I’ve worn the eye patch….which has resulted in a flood of non-stop pirate jokes around the office. Being a comedian at heart, I get pouncing on a subject that’s just too easy to pass up. That helps me tolerate the lamest of pirate references that I’m hearing for the 43rd time. It makes sense. They see the patch and say what first comes to mind. From the other side, this whole thing really has been a tons of laughs and frankly, I’m concerned where the vision in the left eye is going to end up. It’s only been two weeks since the surgery, but I was hoping for more than just bright blurs when all is said and done.
I know, patience.
I’ll keep you posted on developments right here. No need to drag everyone though it on WackyWeek or the other pages.
And, if you have questions, ask. I’d love to help you avoid this kind of thing.
Especially the jokes.

Tim Hunter

5 thoughts on “An Update on Me

  1. Hang in there, Tim. Give it time. Being patient is not always easy. Here’s hoping that time will bring your vision back as expected. So glad you followed up on this when you did. Take care.


  2. Just learned I have a detached retina and saw your post. Thanks so much for including information on it. It’s the first I’ve read about it; I guess because I’m somewhat afraid, but don’t want anybody to see. (no pun intended.)

    Wrote a post about detached retina, showing a brave front, but now that the news is beginning to sink in, I don’t know my next move.

    Any suggestions?

    michael j

    By the way. Where did you get the cool eye patch?


    • For starters, eye patch from Walgreens. Mine was a complete detachment which meant surgery within 24 hours, doctors going THROUGH my eyeball to reattach things and having to spend an entire week face down so things could start to grow together. Learned from the doctor that healing and better vision can continue to occur for up to five years. He wasn’t big on supplements, but I’m thinking if I take things that are said to be good for the eyes, it’s gotta help, right?
      I’m no doctor, but from what I’ve picked up, partial detachments heal better than fulls. I’m still blurry in the left eye, although up close I can now read with that one. So mine is a half-clear, half-blurry world. The real ticker is going to a 3-D movie like “Avatar” and not getting 3-D because of the vision issue.
      Eventually, I’ll go the route of glasses or a contact to balance things out. For now, I’m focusing on the healing and NOT jarring my head to encourage it to re-detach. It’s a great excuse for not going out and embarrassing myself on the basketball court at the Y.
      Keep the questions coming, but remember: there are so many worse things that can happen to you, more life-threatening things that in the grand scheme of things, we were lucky to get this type of “life inconvenience”.

      Get well and keep the questions coming…..

      Tim Hunter


  3. Eye patch coming up. Will have to go to the “operating room” Monday. Got lasered on 288 spots today, 124 the other day.

    Thanks my friend. Will stay in touch.

    Good luck with you eye too!

    michae;l j


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