America and I Are Slowly Seperating

So, they announced the winner of “America’s Got Talent” the other night. Yeah, I got caught up in it this summer. I’ve resisted it in the past, but this year’s batch of fame-seekers seemed to catch my fancy. And seriously, when was the last time YOUR fancy was caught?
So, Wednesday night, they whittled the contestants down to just two. Barbara Padilla, the cancer-surviving opera singer, was a classic story waiting to be crowned. The other finalist–a chicken rancher from Kentucky who had “folksy” down, some musical ability (but isn’t that true of every one from Kentucky?) and he sang home-made country songs. Now don’t get me wrong–I’m actually a country music fan (ask me to show you my Taylor Swift tattoo sometime when we’re away from people) and I’m DEFINITELY NOT an opera fan. But when Barbara performed, it was magical. You couldn’t help but sit there and go, “Dang! She’s good!” When Kevin Skinner would sing, I was awash in “That’s not bad!”
Once again, America voted….and the most talented person landed in second place. America blew it with “Idol” this past year out of a deep fear of having a very talented gay person winning. I suppose I should take comfort in the fact that she didn’t lose to a bunch of guys who pound garbage cans (they finished third).
Wait! Susan Boyle was also the more talented finalist in Britain’s Got Talent and she finished second.
Maybe it’s not the case that America and I are starting to think differently, but rather…that we’re all becoming British!
There, I’ve got it all figured out. Now it makes sense.
To me.

Thanks for letting us find you, Barbara!

Here she is

Tim Hunter

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