Never saw this coming

A detached retina. Yep, things got blurry on Friday and within five hours, I was diagnosed with a detached retina and scheduled for surgery the following day.
Needless to say, life has been turned upside down. I’m probably not even supposed to be writing this, but I’m usually so connected. Now I’m confined to a massage chair and supposed to keep my face down as much as passible 24 hours a day, so that a gas bubble can press up against my retina, keeping it in place so I can heal. For a week.
So, that’s the update. That’s why I’md not writing back to your e-mails as quickly and why the Twitters are few and far between. I’ll be back, but for the next week, I’m healing. I’ll hurry as best I can.

Thanks for trackinng me down….

Tim Hunter

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