I’m feeling a positive shift

As weeks go, this week I felt more positively-based energy happening to me and people around me than I have in a long time.
Not as a brag, but as a fact, the ad agency where I worked officially designated me as the “Creative Director”. For the past 18 months, I’ve had this “Associate” word in front of me. Never quite understood why, but played by the rules.
My friend Brian MacMillan, an alum of the ad agency, just got a job he’s been working on for a few months. Those who were at our wedding will recognize him as our photogrpaher. Here are some websites with the details:

Ryan, our nephew, was going to look at a house this weekend and it sold before he could grab it…which, to me, tells me things are heating up out there.
It’s not just any one thing, but a bunch of things. I hope some of this positive energy is finding it’s way to you.
We’re far from there….but I think we’re making a turn……

Tim Hunter

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