This Being Connected is a LOT of Work!

You go to your blog and realize you haven’t written anything down for a couple of days. But you start to feel like writing down your thoughts on the Internet is all you do. I have a Facebook page, there’s regular e-mail, I Twitter and even have a Yammer account. I’m thinking of taking a sick day off work just to get caught up with my cyber-hobbies.
All in fun! Managed to take in the Blue Angels yesterday and because my son borrowed the battery charger for my camera, my battery was dead, I couldn’t video the Blue Angels….all I could do was WATCH! It was weird. I didn’t have to share the experience with the world, just my wife.
And you know, that was kinda fun. Although, here I am telling you about it on-line, just without pictures.
Look, I’d love to talk to you more, but the Instant Messages are starting to pile up…

Tim Hunter

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