“Bruno” is a Vicious Brute

OK, having seen “Borat”, I knew I was going to be in for edgy, out-there, beyond-good-taste humor when I agreed to meet my son and take in Sasha Baron Cohen’s latest creation.
I have probably never uttered the phrase “Oh my God!” as many times as I did in that 90 minute span.
To be clear, the humor in “Bruno” made “Borat” look like a Disney film. It followed the same pattern: a misfit soul and his adventures as he tries to find something. In this case, Bruno wanted to be famous, and there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for it (nor that he missed)
Bruno isn’t for everyone. In fact, of the people I know, I’d pretty much cross 97% off the list. But the 3% remaining are the ones who, like me, would sit there and laugh out loud, then question whether it was OK to laugh at something like that and then, laugh again.
Bigotry, Gays, Stereotypes, Swingers, Nazi’s, Anti-Semite, Muslim bashing, White Trash, Stage Moms….and those are just the topics off the top of my head.
It’s a shocker..but if that’s what makes you laugh, you’ll laugh a lot.
Since 97% of my friends and family won’t see this, I will say that the final “Charity Song” featured some big names: Sting, Bono, Elton John and Chris Martin from Coldplay. Very impressive.
That’s about all I can talk about it for now, at least until after another shower. But, would you mind checking to see if he’s not hiding in there?

Ach du lieber!

How would I sum up how I felt after watching “Bruno”?

In a word: ‘traumatized’.   In two words, ‘traumatized laughing’

Tim Hunter

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