OK, the night was not shaping up nicely.
After planning to get out of work early, I got caught up in a meeting and faced a prime-time, rush-hour commute from Mountlake Terrace to Tacoma, with a quick stop at home to pick up Victoria and grab something to eat.
My blood pressure was pretty much out the roof from 4pm until 7:20 when we finally sat down in our Tacoma Dome seats. The concert was supposed to start at 7pm, but I’m pretty sure when they saw our seats empty, they’d better wait.
So with only minutes to go before the music started, the woman behind me decided to dump her beer down my back. Perfect! So it’s going to be THAT kind of night!
But this second show in the Idols’ summer tour started strong and kept getting stronger. In a nutshell, if you were a fan of a certain Top Ten singer, you got what you came for.
Singers 10,9,8,7,6 and 5 all came out and did three songs each, then a group effort before the intermission. Again, all did well. Songs that stick in my mind include Anoop’s “My Perogative” and some tasty piano playing and singing from Scott and Matt.
But the second half brought out the big guns. Allison got it underway with a rockin’ set, Danny wowed the crowd with the strongest complete set of the night (including two Rascal Flats tunes, a nice rap with the crowd and the only Michael Jackson song performed in the evening, one he did on the show, “PYT”), Adam made a HUGE entrance and wowed the crowd with “Whole Lotta Love”, some Bowie songs and of course, “Mad World” and Kris Allen, THE American Idol, stuck more to acoustic guitar and giving the band most of his set off.
As for the Tim Award winners:
Probably Wouldn’t Have Noticed if he wasn’t there: Michael
Artist who confirmed I’m not a fan: Megan
Artist who talked me into buying their album when it comes out: Matt
Artist who shined better in person than they did on the show: Lil
Singer who has the talent, now just needs the album: Scott
Best duet of the evening: Adam and Allison doing “Slow Ride”
Singer on the way to being a star: Adam (just ask the crowd)
By the end of the night, my shirt was dry, the music had been great and the real only drawback was the fact I forgot my Anoop sign in the car.
Great job, Idols! Only 48 cities to go!

Victoria and I doing Idol

Victoria and I doing Idol

Tim Hunter

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