Best Mexican Food I Ever Had!

OK, this is NOT a restaurant review page and I don’t even remotely pretend to be an expert, but DANG! I just experienced the BEST tostadas I have ever consumed  at Cocina Esperanza in Ballard. Look, I was raised in Southern California, so Mexican food is nothing new…and there are lots of fine places around Seattle…but their Chorizo Toastadas had the perfect among of zing without being just plain hot. It was love at first bite.  You can tell this restaurant is a project of passion.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past it and my wife, Victoria, commenting on how good it was.
Here’s their website
But you won’t get the full experience until you go there. Moderately priced, nice selection of Mexican beers and amazing food. I don’t think you can ask for much more.
I’ll be back.

Tim Hunter

2 thoughts on “Best Mexican Food I Ever Had!

  1. Hey cool! I’m a transplant from OR, to San Diego, to San Antonio. But I know what you mean about Mexican food. When you’re close to the border, I guess they just get fresher and better stuff to cook with. I haven’t even found a good one in Texas yet 😦


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