I Saw the Weirdest Thing Today

I was in downtown Seattle, I looked out the window and there was a herd of Segway riders. I thought, “That’s kinda bizarre. Maybe it’s some kind of club or something.”
Then I noticed the guy in the front of the line had one of those Madonna microphones on and apparently, the rest of this leaning street gang had headphones in their helmets: it was a Segway tour. I Goggled ’em and next thing you know, I discover that they have ’em in lots of cities, including Seattle. For my money, that would be a great way to see the city. You’d see a lot more, a lot faster than walking.
I got to borrow one of those things one year for the annual Race for the Cure and had a blast riding around on it. If they weren’t $3K, I’d consider having one around the house to run to the store and stuff.
Then again, for $3K, I could have the groceries delivered. It’s not like I would be getting more exercise or anything. If only they could invent a way to get from here to there and burn a few calories. Oh yeah, they call that “walking”, right?

Tim Hunter

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