Nightmare on Bank of America Street

So, it seemed simple. Bank of America was taking over Countrywide Mortgage. So, beginning this month, I should have to make my house payments to BOA and life rolls on.
Early this month, I noticed I had not received any kind of statement other than a letter notifying me of the change. I got on the BOA website and said that I had not received anything else. They said they’d send something. Nothing came. I wrote again, they said they’d send again. Nothing.
Last week, I called their national number and was on the phone half an hour, trying to get the address where I needed to send my mortgage payment. The guy on the phone said they hadn’t been given that information, so he had to flush it out. Eventually, he did, but I was worried that the payment would be late, so I planned to swing by a BOA branch and make the payment.
Which I did…or tried to. But upon arriving at the bank Monday, I was told I couldn’t make a house payment unless I had a coupon. I told them I never received a coupon in the mail, so they repeated that they couldn’t accept my check.
It’s a bizarre feeling, knowing that you owe a house payment to a company that owns the building you’re standing in, but that they won’t take your money.
Eventually, I talked to my mortgage buddy, Dave Schmutz, who told me to take the payment to a former Countrywide location and that they would accept it. I’ve never had such a hard time giving someone $2200 before.


And now you’ve felt my mortgage pain.
Thanks for letting me drag you along.

Tim Hunter

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