Little League, the way it’s supposed to be

Got a buddy at work who had the ultimate POSITIVE Little League experience.
The sport that is often ruled by frustrated dads and yelling moms can get ugly at times. But Chris’ son had a coach that, at the beginning of the season, let everyone play every position, worked on the basics and fundamentals and focused on boosting the weaker players.
The result: a .500 season of wins and frustrating losses…UNTIL, with a few games left in the season, the coach announced that they were now ready to play to win.
And they did.
He used the strengths of each player in the right positions and this average team suddenly turned into the Yankees. They won game after game after game in the playoffs, beating teams that had defeated them twice before.
Saturday, they won the championship 14-7. It was a great life lesson for the players, a real treat for the parents and Little League the way it was meant to be.
Thanks for taking us along for the ride, Chris.

Tim Hunter

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