Radio Can Be So Sleazy

I heard the song “Thank You” today by Alanis Morrisette and it reminded me of the time that our program director, Barry McKay, brought in a video tape of that song to a KLSY staff meeting. That staff, for all of its issues (as all radio staffs have) clicked that Winter book, delivering the highest ratings the station had ever seen. 92-5 was FINALLY hitting its stride.
However, one staff member–to this day, still uncertain–snuck into the PD’s office, read a personal e-mail in which he was planning the future of the radio station and when the plans didn’t include him, he took it upon himself to send it to all staff.
A firestorm followed…including, the eventual firing of Barry and the person to whom he had e-mailed that plan. We were on a course to greatness, but after the e-mail, the station was neutered, condemned to wallow in a no-man’s-land of programming.
Having a successful radio station is such a lucky combination of things and we were so close. It’s life, it was meant to be, but it’s still sad that one man’s bitterness cost a bunch of talented people that shot at greatness.
To all those on staff at that time–sans one–it was a pleasure coming close with you.


Tim Hunter

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