Hot Times

Got a scorcher going on up here in Seattle–almost 90-degrees the first week in June!
People here melt, my wife, Victoria included. She is NOT a hot weather person.
I guess I grew up in a hot weather climate, so it’s no big deal. Remembering those days as a kid brought back some fun summer memories: the wading pool in the backyard, the slip ‘n slide, a Whamo Water Wiggle, root beer popsicles…
But I will point out that growing up in LA during the 60s wasn’t perfect. Far from it.
I also recall recess being canceled at elementary school because of a smog alert. There were some days where, after school, we’d be running around the neighborhood and would have to stop because our lungs burned.
Like I said, weird flashing back to summer memories the first week of June in Seattle. But one thing you learn about living in the Emerald City: when summer arrives, you take it!

An unfortunate weather picture

Tim Hunter

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