Hot Stuff Baby to See Ya

Hot weather days in Seattle take their toll. People wilt, tempers get short….
I remember growing up in southern California and hot weather meant filling up the wading pool, hittin’ the slip ‘n slide, one neighbor kid had a Whamo Water Wiggle….
Probably the weirdest thing about growing up as a kid in LA during was breathing the air. Smog alerts were a daily part of life. There were times at elementary school where recess was canceled because of the smog. After school, we’d be playing in the neighborhood and if we ran too much, our lungs would actually start burning.
Aw, memories of summer. Kinda early in the year to be thinking hot weather but in Seattle, you gotta grab it when it shows up.
Wonder where I could find a Whamo Water Wiggle on the way home….?

Tim Hunter

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