Beam Yourself Up

Victoria and I finally made it to a movie over the weekend. It was our reward for busting our butts around the house on Saturday and our reward was the new “Star Trek” movie.
Let me say up front, I was never a “Trekie”. I saw a few episodes of the original series, some of the movies once and that was about it. No “Next Generation” or any of that post-Shatner stuff.

But the casting was awesome. Each character was a real incarnation of the stereotype played out on TV. We learned how the crew was assembled, with some tremendous special effects and a decent story-line thrown in. Again, while not being one of those consumed with the concept, it was great to see Leonard Nimoy back in the ears.

And it was awesome to find out that was Winona Ryder as Spock’s mother.  Who could have seen that coming?  Well, outside of the folks who hadn’t seen the movie and are reading this right now.

This is not your father’s “Star Trek”. It is much better and comes with a warning: it could become habit forming. (but I will still refuse to call myself a Trekie)

Me as a Vulcan

Tim Hunter

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