Oh, well

So, I guess this is about as official as it gets.
They’ve announced the finalists for the Seattle Film Race and our movie, “As old as you think” didn’t finish in the top 11, which puzzles me. I could have seen us winning it all. However, I don’t know how these were judged or who judged them…and I DO know on the night they were shown in the theater, audience voting determined the “People’s Choice” award (in other words, who brought the most paying friends).
So, I’m leaving it up to you. Here are their “Top 11 Finalists”

And here, once again, is our film, “As old as you think”.

I guess I didn’t think having a storyline, great direction, fantastic camera work, razor sharp editing and a complete story would be held against us.

To say the “race” is just a “Wanna Be’s” club would be bitter. So I’ll just think it.

Besides, Adam Lambert should have won, too.

Tim Hunter

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