The Latest Lacrosse Scores

So, got a call from my daughter earlier today, saying that her husband had a lacrosse game up our way tonight…and so she wondered if it would be OK for them to stop by while they were up from Olympia. Absolutely! Tough enough seeing each other that far away with competing busy schedules.
So, they had hoped to be here by 9pm…but that’s when the phone rang and she said they were running a little behind. No problem, I was just watching the Mariners blow a 3-0 lead and fall behind 4-3.
They finally arrived, walked in, hugs and howdies and when I asked how the game went, Christina and Ryan informed us that there was no lacrosse game…but there was a baby on the way!
Grandpa Hunter. That was a title reserved for my dad. Now, it’s my turn.
Don’t know how Grandma Victoria’s taking it, but I’m pumped.
So, the baby’s due in January. Christina graduates in December and all is right in the world.
Sometimes, those new chapters in life sneak up on you.

Tim Hunter

6 thoughts on “The Latest Lacrosse Scores

  1. CONGRATS Grandpa Hunter ~ so very thrilled for this new phase of life heading your way! Wishing them the best during these 9 months of waiting. Very exciting news to share. xo


  2. you are headed for a wonderful journey! I have really loved watching my children, parent! They have been wonderful.
    Congratulations and much love…remember you only get to borrow them and give them back…when they don’t feel well or can’t sleep or miss their mommy…bummer!NOT!


  3. What a lucky grandbaby – I have no doubt YOU will be an AMAZING GRAMPA!! I’m so glad you included us in the good news! Please tell Christina we send really big “CONGRATULATIONS” hugz, and even bigger prayers for a safe and stress-free (ha-ha) pregnancy. XXXOOO – The R Girls


  4. What? Did you say you’re going to be a Grandpa? I pretty sure I don’t know anyone that old. The guys I hang around with still drop their notebook so they can flick people’s chins when they look down. And they have friends named “Tank” and “Ding”. No, none of my friends are that old. What were we talking about again?


  5. Well, December 28 is a nice day for a birthday. And I think Christina would agree there is room for one more on that date.


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