So, I burned an hour of vacation time to sneak off to a sneak preview of the less-than-sneaky new Disney/Pixar movie, “UP”.
I had seen the teasers and, by them, I knew we were in for a treat…but it blew me away. Simple story with a few twists, amazing animation, great voices and enough action and emotion to make you say, “Dang! THAT’S a great movie!”
I’m not a reviewer, because they look for faults in a movie. I try my best to just show up and decide in a 20,000 foot view of the movie, “Did it work?”
It worked alot. It made me teary-eyed, jump a couple of times and on the edge of my seat.
It’s a tough act for Pixar. Tell a story that you know young kids will want to see, but keep it interesting enough to entertain adults.
“Up” succeeds. Maybe a tad too intense for the youngest of the young….but it passed one of my acid tests: YES, I already want to see it again.
Please, don’t go expecting the greatest movie ever made. Just go for an experience and you won’t be disappointed.
Good stuff.

Here’s the trailer

Tim Hunter

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