Hope you had fun, Hellvik Mannskor

A group of guys from Norway spent this past weekend in Seattle, performing and enjoying our much-larger-than-their-hometown celebration of Sytten de Mai, better known as “The 17th of May” or Norwegian Constitution Day.

Last night, my wife and I were invited to join them at a farewell dinner and they told the great story of being in Poulsbo, scheduled to perform, but their MP3 player had died.  They needed a new one.  Poulsbo wasn’t exactly packed with retails stores that would carry one, so they called for a cab.  When the first cab company heard where they were, they said, “Uh, no thanks”.  Apparently out of their zone.

The second cab company said they’d send out a car right away.  45 minutes later, still no taxi.  With the concert deadline rapidly approaching and their background music on the line, two of the guys went around asking complete strangers if they could get a ride to the nearest department store.  They actually got lucky right away, because the first woman they talked to said, “Sure!  No problem”

Well, there was just one slight problem.  The woman who was offering her car had one of those breathalyzer things that you had to blow into, in order to make the car start.  Our two fearless singers hopped in anyway and made it safely to Wal-Mart and back.  Crisis averted.  Just another adventure in America.

They probably can’t wait to get back home.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “Hope you had fun, Hellvik Mannskor

  1. Thanks to Poulsbo Sons of Norway and Vestre Sund Mannskor!

    Thank you very much for asking us to come to Poulsbo – and for taking so good care of us! We had a very nice time in Poulsbo and also in Seattle.
    An extra thanks to the girl that helped us out with the MP3-player.
    If you ask me today: Yes, we’ll be back!!

    Tor Arild Halvorsen
    Hellvik Mannskor


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