Earlier times….

We swooped into Ballard Brothers for lunch today. I was enjoying my Canjun Popcorn Shrimp when the song “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones came on the music system.
Of course, that reminded me of the time when it came out in the late 60s….when I asked my mom to pick up the single for 49-cents when she went grocery shopping…and how she brought it home for me and told me how she almost DIDN’T buy it because of the song that was on the flip side: “Bitch”.
But she still did.
I remember when the Beatles movie “Help” came out and the mom of one of the neighbor kids took their family to the movie. I thought, “What a cool mom!”
That day, as I held my new 45 and got ready to play it to death…..I had a cool mom, too.

Tim Hunterbitch

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