Tonight was the night that they showed all the entries for the 2009 edition of the Seattle Film Race. This is the event we did last weekend, as mentioned in a previous blog.
We were supposed to hold off until posting anything until AFTER the showing. Tonight at a bar they were going to announce the “Audience’s favorites”. I was too pooped to go.
Tomorrow (Friday) they’ll announce the winners as chosen by the judges.
Special thanks to Julie Svendsen for giving it up and Leigh Brink for letting us use her restaurant in Bothell, Alexa’s Cafe, as our set.
By the way, the entrance to Madame Suzatski’s is actually the rear entrance to Alexa’s.
Check out our film right here:

We had 24 hours to write, film and edit a movie with “Superstitious” as a theme and containing the action of “Taking a pill”.
As Simon says, “If I may be honest…..”
I really felt that our entry of the 25 shown had the best photography, best editing, best sound and best overall story to it….but we’ll see if the judges agree.
Thanks Brian, Ashley and my lovely wife, Victoria, as well as Scott Burns and Ken Carson. Man, what a team!

Tim Hunter

5 thoughts on “MOVIE NIGHT

  1. Congratulations Tim!!! Your film was the best entry and totally engaging on all levels!! BRAVO!!!You are the winner, no contest!


  2. I agree with Dale… a greased job. I didn’t quite follow the symbology, but I did catch the underlying currents of post-apocalyptic Freudian neo-Nazism. Hints of leather and cherries; aftertaste satisfying without being overwhelming. Finally… a rare medium that’s well-done!


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