I didn’t really know him….

But Danny Gans and I went to school together. I played Little League with him and, I could be wrong here, may have been on the minor league Giants together the year I hit my one and only home run, a grand slam.
I know that Danny was Torrance High’s major claim to fame (sorry Jason Kendall). Oh, there have been several alums who made their mark. But how many of them had their name and picture all over Las Vegas.
Sad to say, I never got to see him perform. My condolences to his wife and three kids. From what I understand, he had difficulty breathing around 3:30 this morning, an ambulance came and he was gone.
We all only get so many heartbeats on this earth. Danny only made it 52 years, but boy did he make every beat count.
Congrats fellow THS Tartar on a life well-lived.

Tim Hunter
Class of ’73

Check out other alums and the Hollywood connection of Torrance High School by clicking here

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