College Memory

I look outside at the sunshine and reflect on those spring days back in the 70s when I attended the University of Washington.
Because it is on days like this that I’d stumble out to the shared restroom…stand there staring at myself with blurry eyes…as Chip Davis, a friend down the hall, would come bumbling in. There’d be a brief silence….then he’d ask, “Any tests today?” and I’d reply, “Nope”.
Chip would then ask the question of the day: “Wanna go to the Olympia Brewery?”
The next thing you knew, we were downstairs in the parking garage, lowering the top on his Fiat convertible. Soon we were flying down I-5 on our day-trip to the now defunct brewery. IIn those days, a sober college student could make a day of it: go on a tour, then enjoy free samples in the “tasting room” before getting back to Terry Hall in time for our shift working in the kitchen.
Whistling (and belching) while we worked.

My Spring Home during my UW days

My Spring Home during my UW days

I don’t have any tests today, but with the brewery gone, I guess I’ll just stay at work. Thanks for the memory, Chip, where ever you are…

Tim Hunter

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