What a weekend

Friends Brian MacMillan and his girlfriend Ashley spent the weekend with Victoria and I. It was fun, but WAY busy.
We were one of the teams in the Seattle Film Race 2009. At 10pm Friday night, we were given the theme of the movie (Superstitious) and an action (swallowing a pill) and had exactly 24 hours to write, film, produce and edit together a movie that was no longer than 3-minutes, 30-seconds. We stayed up until 1am working on the story idea, got up at 7, were filming by 8:30, done by 2:30 and then Brian was off to the races on editing.
I had to host the Our Redeemers’ auction that night, so V-woman and I took off…while Brian and Ashley stayed at home and edited.
What a fantastic job Brian did! The end result is a pretty tight 3-1/2 minute movie that moves, has humor, etc.
The real drama was when we got caught in a traffic jam on the way to drop it off and made it with 7 minutes to spare.
It’ll make it’s world debut at the Harvard Exit theater in Seattle this Thursday night. Details here

Wish us luck!

Tim Hunter

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