$155-Million–With budgeting, it could last

So, the Mega-millions is up to $155-million. At least six of those dollars are mine from the first two rounds I bought into.
I don’t know about you, but I consider every vacation nothing more than training for that day that I win. Funny, but just today I heard Dori Monson on KIRO saying that the lottery was a “tax on the stupid”. I don’t know what he means. Does that make me stupid? Better go out and buy more lottery tickets.
I just think of that old joke where the guy is on the roof of his house during a flood, when a guy in a rescue boat comes by and offers to take him to safety. The guy on the roof yells out, “No thanks, God will take care of me!” Next, a helicopter comes by with the same offer, again the guy said, “Nope! God will save me!” A guy on a wave runner….same response.
Eventually, the guy drowns. He goes to heaven and his first question to God is, “Why didn’t you save me?”
God says, “Are you kidding? I sent a boat, a helicopter, a wave runner….”
My lottery boat is safely moored in my wallet. Good luck to all.
If it’s meant to be, I’m ready.

Tim Hunter

One thought on “$155-Million–With budgeting, it could last

  1. Funny I saw the anology the other way. I thought the lottery ticket was the Roof of the House. :?)

    My Father-in-law calls the lottery a tax on people who didn’t pass 6th grade math class.

    $150 mill huh? Where’s my ticket? Must be a tax on people who did not pass English class as well.


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