OK, I’m sold

So, when we went to pick up our subcompact at the Hertz counter in LA, the agent did the usual upsell tactics. But this one I couldn’t resist: for $5 a day, I could upgrade to a Toyota Prius. That was a no-brainer!
So for the four days in LA, it cost me an extra $20.
First off, loved the car except for that rear window thing (nothing to do with Alfred Hitchcock). Road nicely, once you have the “turn it on” routine down, it’s a piece of cake. But here’s the kicker: After four days of driving two and from LAX to Torrance, a trip to Universal Studios, a trip to Seal Beach and to the Home Depot Stadium in Carson, plus doing all the driving around those four days, I went to fill it up–and how much gas do you think I used?
The total came to $9.39.
Like I said, I’m sold. I love my miserly Honda Civic from Lynnwood Honda (nice plug, huh?) but the next car may just be a Prius.

Tim Hunter

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