Easter Flashback

So, once again, the family gathered a couple of times to celebrate Easter. After a morning church service, there was a champagne brunch, a gap of several hours, then a regrouping at my in-laws place up in Lynnwood.
Now, I’m at a stage where the kids are way beyond baskets but too young for grandkids. Most are 20-somethings, either early in their career or in the final stages of the college thing.
But my sister-in-law, Bev (with help from Bro-in-law, Bruce) had cooked up some Easter fun for the young end of our family tree: an Easter Egg Hunt!
No coaxing was needed. Each was handed a plastic grocery bag and when the word “Go” was pronounced, they scattered like crazy through the house. They were laughing, crawling around, trying to find plastic eggs that contained a piece of paper naming a prize, or cash.
The comments ranged from “That was fun!” to “I can’t remember the last time I did that!” And, of course, being this age, it’s not unusual to find a slip of paper good for one beer.
Yes, it’s been years since they prowled the backyard with unsteady legs, carrying a basket and trying to find those eggs. But for a brief while, the kids all got to flash back to those Easters of many years ago.
And so did their parents.

Searching for those eggs

Searching for those eggs

Tim Hunter

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